Supporting An Author

photo (1)I’m sure by now you’ve seen this picture on Facebook or shared on Twitter or even Tumblr or blogs.  It’s mostly shared by authors and their friends and family and it is fairly clear and to the point.

One of the biggest problems facing authors today – whether traditionally published, indie published or self-published – is the large number of book piracy sites.  They are an ever increasing problem and no matter how many we shut down, more seem to spring up to take their place.

So how can you help your favourite authors?  Well, as the infographic says, make the effort to buy their work.  Most authors will never make it big from book sales, but every little bit helps.

Another important element which goes a long way towards helping an author is the humble review.  Sure, some reviews aren’t great, but on the whole, reviews are a fantastic way for new readers to find your work and see if they want to read your book.  It’s also something that is easy for people to share.  It’s a strange thing, but the more reviews a book has, the better it seems the book is.  Like with most things in life, my recommendation when it comes to reviews would be this… “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. If you can’t find something positive to share, there really isn’t any point to writing a review… other than just being nasty for the sake of being nasty.

Finally, if your author is taking the time to maintain an author page, host events and offer insights and giveaways… please take the time to participate.  They love to interact with their fans.  They wouldn’t bother if they didn’t.  It allows you the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” as it were and be on the inside track for future books and upcoming events.

Remember that authors are hard working, creative people.  They’re also only human.  Be kind, respectful and have fun.

Until next time…

BM xx


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