The Magic of Words


There is something that anyone who loves reading can relate to and that is a love of words. Words are simple, a mere collection of letters ordered in a variety of ways. Those words are then arranged in any number of ways to form sentences and finally, those sentences are arranged to form paragraphs, paragraphs into pages, pages to chapters, chapters into books.

It is a kind of magic that is accessible to anyone. Once you’ve been taught the secrets of the letters and the words, you can create worlds to fire your imagination or you can simply escape into someone else’s.

With the power of words, you can travel through time, meet famous people from history, learn new skills or fall in love. Words allow you to break a heart, but words can also mend it.

Not everyone is as good with them, but that should never stop people from using them, practicing, trying. Write. Write what moves you. Write about happiness. Describe pain. Write to a friend. Write a diary. Create.

With words, we can shape and reshape ourselves.

Until next time,

BM xx


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