Write What You Want to Read

IMG_8391There is something about this quote that really resonates with me.  It is the kind of advice that is deceptively simple and yet manages to be quite profound at the same time. It’s certainly one of the most honest pieces of advice that you can give to a writer – whether they are brand new to the endeavour or long established – and what it boils down to is this…

Write what you want to read!

So why is this advice so very important – perhaps more so today than in decades past?  The truth is that with the sheer volume of books being released every MINUTE of every day (the statistics are scary), it’s important that you remain true to your “voice” as a writer.  You could certainly try to write for the buying public, and by all means, if you can do it successfully, find the genre that is selling best and contribute, but for most of us, that would spell disaster.

At the end of the day there is no magic formula for either literary or financial success.  The buying market is fickle and as changing as the wind and truth be told, they can tell if your heart is in it or not.  Ultimately, it is your passion for your subject, your characters and the story you are trying to tell that will either speak to a reader or not.  And if you cannot guarantee that your buyer will love the book, then at the very least you should love it!

So… ultimately, when you embark on a new story, make sure it’s a story that you want to tell, one that is driving you forward so that it can exist.  Put your heart into it and hope that your reader will follow.

I can’t wait to see your book on the shelf (be it digital or otherwise).

Until next time…

BM xx


3 thoughts on “Write What You Want to Read

  1. As an Indie author I can say: Writing is a hobby and a life-calling. It’s rarely a profession. I’ve written seven novels and spent more on an editor then I ever expect to make back because I love my work and my works. I wouldn’t share them or sell them if they weren’t as perfect as I can make them. I write primarily for myself. I then put my books out into the world and hope the people who would love them will find them.

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  2. I’ve been doing that and, up until this post, I never realized it.
    I love reading Amanda Quick historical romances (which, in my opinion, are less about romance and more about the mystery. There’s romance for sure, but it’s not the driving force of the book unlike Kathleen Woodiwiss or Johanna Lindsey who make/made romance the main focus) and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series (they have great stories and memorable characters).
    Amanda and Janet skim over the sex. That’s where I come in. I’m not equal to them in story telling, but I try to have great stories, memorable characters, some mystery/suspense, a bit of romance and, of course, SEX.
    Great post! You have me thinking.


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