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100_1651When she isn’t visiting the worlds of immortals, demons, dragons and goblins, Brantwijn fills her time with artistic endeavors: sketching, painting, customizing My Little Ponies and sewing plushies for friends. She can’t handle coffee unless there’s enough cream and sugar to make it a milkshake, but try and sweeten her tea and she will never forgive you. She moonlights as a futon for four lazy cats, loves tabletop role-play games, and can spend hours pencilling naughty, sexy illustrations in her secret notebooks.

Brantwijn has two romance series currently in-progress with Champagne Books.  She’s also had short stories published in several small press anthologies. She has author pages on GoodReads and Amazon, and loves to see reader comments on her work. Her short stories and audio readings occasionally pop up at Foreplay and Fangs, her blog at

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All Mad Here Blog Tour

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Blurb Skinny

All mad here ecover
Finn expected a quiet birthday: a night off, touring the local bars with his sister Reagan. But his two princesses, Nineva and Nerissa, have already planned a big surprise. Before he knows it, Finn finds himself in a version of Wonderland, racing the Red and White Queens for his fondest birthday wish. Can he best the Red Knight, find the White Rabbit’s missing token, and outsmart the Chesire Cat, before he gets turned into a sheep?

And can Nina and Neri possibly know his true birthday wish…is them?

Short story, under 10k   *   Fantasy erotic romance; Alice-in-Wonderland theme; NC17 for language and graphic sexual description

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“You are almost free,” she said. “But alas, for riddle number three.”

Finn had no worries. The first answer had been tied to Spring and Autumn, the second to Winter. She had but one Court left to draw from.

Nineva swept up close to him. “What did my sister give you, which I now wish for you to give to me?”

“Wait, what?” he asked.

She seized him before he could react, pulling him to the grass with her, drawing him into another kiss. Finn flailed a moment, once more caught off-guard, but he planted his hands on either side of her, holding himself above her.

“Bloody hell, lass! What do my Ladies mean by all this?”

“Finn,” she said. Her hand stole down, sneaking to his groin, where she teasingly caressed him.

What did my sister give you, which I now wish for you to give to me?”

He stared.

“Nina,” he whispered. “The rules of this game are…very unclear to me.”

“Ah, well…allow me to make them clearer,” she said.

Blog Tour – A Dame To Die For by Donovan J. Brooks

Donovan J Brooks Author AvatarInspired by characters such as Captain Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, black and white films, and vintage burlesque, Donovan seeks to capture the forbidden and erotic side of a decade rich with vibrant hues.

He has an affinity for the 1940s, parboiled detectives, murder mysteries, and sexy, sultry dames. Erotic moments can be triggered by a brush of the fingers, a heated glance, or a daring confession. Donovan seeks to capture these scenes and paint them with words. Romance varies but should never be limited, especially when the characters speak in authoritative tones.

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Blurb Skinny

A Dame To Die For
1946, New York City

I missed her. Five years in the army and I wanted her more than I had before I left. When she sent for me, I should have said no. Maybe I’m still a dumb kid with a soft spot for dames in a jam.

Lily knew it. When her dancer sister went missing from the Burlesque joint on 52nd, she banked on me coming to her rescue. But the past caught up and pulled us both under. I keep asking myself—is she worth dying for?

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A Dame To Die For Blog Tour

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Excerpt skinny
A glance over my shoulder allowed me to catch her movement as she slipped on the shimmering blue silk evening gown. It hugged every inch of her body, accentuating every asset she possessed. Goddamn it. Smart and sexy. I’d never met a woman who drew me in as she did.

I looked away before she caught me watching, pinched my eyes closed and took a few breaths to calm my pulse and my raging erection.

“How do I look?” she asked.

I turned around. She pulled the pin from her hair and let the mahogany curls drape across her shoulders.

My perusal began at her feet and slowly traveled upward. By the time I met her eyes, I was aflame. I wanted to touch every single inch of her, exploring with my fingers and mouth. She tilted her chin up and smiled like she could read my mind.

“Blue’s always been a good color on you.” I brushed invisible lint off my sleeves in an attempt to redirect the fire burning hot between us. “When do we go on stage?”

She winced at my brusque tone but quickly masked what looked like disappointment. Without hesitating, she crossed to the vanity and sat down to fix her lipstick.

A knock at the door, then a shout through the wood. “Five minutes.”

“Thank you, five,” she replied absently before glancing at me in the mirror. “That answer your question.”

“Yeah.” I picked up the mask.

“Put it on.” She dabbed the red onto her lips.


“It’s better if they don’t know who you are.” She set the lipstick down and turned to face me.

“I’m beginning to wonder if you’re playing games with me here, Lily.”

She stood and took the mask from my hand. Stepping close, Lily reached up to fasten it around my head. “If they know I brought you here, I’ll be out on my ass faster than you can say strip.”

I caught her by the wrists. “Why me then?”

She met my stare and held it, her lips quirking. “Because, you’re the only I can trust to can find Ginger.”

“I don’t think that’s the only reason.” I leaned closer, my lips hovering over hers.

“I need you, Jack.”

“Never thought I’d hear you say those words.” The double meaning didn’t escape my notice. My gaze dropped to her mouth. “You’re lucky you’re wearing that shit on your lips right now and that we have to be on stage in a few minutes.”

“Why’s that?” she asked, her eyes glinting in challenge and amusement.

“You and I have unfinished business.” I released her wrists and backed away. “Remember that.”

Lily would break me, one way or another.

She snatched the hat from the couch and set it atop my head.

“Just try to keep up.”

She led us out the door, and I hoped she wasn’t leading us both to slaughter.

The sway of her silk-clad hips drove me to distraction. I was supposed to be finding a missing girl, not falling into the same goddamn pit I’d dug my way out of five years ago. Taking a deep breath, I followed Lily.

Release Day Blitz – Mother’s Day Magic… with love.

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Brooke then introduced herself with a hug.
“My mom mentioned you were alone for Christmas. I’m happy you joined us.”
The warm welcomes from Rachel’s kids touched her heart. Brooke and Tyler introduced their friends, and when Rachel offered Derek a drink, the group began to ramble again. Derek followed Rachel into the kitchen. She poured him a glass of wine and made a toast for a very Merry Christmas.
“Thank you, Rachel. Your home is filled with love. You’ve made my Christmas very merry.”
Christmas had come and gone so quickly, it felt like a blur by the time the twenty-seventh arrived. Tyler had to leave for Toronto before Rachel opened the deli so a friend of his had agreed to take him to the airport. Brooke surprised her mom when she appeared in the kitchen wide-awake and dressed. She blurted out, in the midst of her usual speed rambling, that she was going to help her mom. Wow, Rachel thought to herself. Brooke had matured and their relationship had grown into the one she had always dreamed it would. Tyler smiled at his mom confidently. She knew his smile told her that he was happy for her.





She had to do this. She waked toward her briskly with Judson in her arms. “Hello. We haven’t met, I live in apartment 40. I have to ask you something. You can say no if you want but I have to ask.”
“I don’t think so,” she said as she continued up the stairs. She wore a blue print blouse and white jeans, her afro was short but her earrings were long.
Judson waved his tiny chubby hand at the retreating woman.
Garland walked up to the staircase. “I’m leaving my husband, he’s been hitting me. He said I could go but I can’t take the baby. He’s getting a newspaper. He’ll be back any moment.”
The lady’s expression was indifferent, even bothered, until the last sentence then it changed to one of concern. She headed back down the stairs. “Do you want me to call the police?”
“No, I don’t think that will help. We’re married, so in Texas Judson is a hundred percent my son and a hundred percent my husband’s son. I have to get away and file for divorce to have a chance of stopping him from taking my baby away.”





All of sudden, someone grunted out loudly, and soon, the next moan that Beth heard was accompanied by a long, soulful howl. Opening her eyes, she spun around and searched the vast expanse of beach. Finally, she spotted him. “Kyle—what’ve you done?” Covering her mouth with her hand in horror, Beth began running across the sand, rushing over as quickly as she could to Kyle.
Apparently, he’d tackled someone—Kyle sat up, giggling, on top of a flat, prone body. A stranger was lying beneath him, leveled on the sand.
Her voice was so soft and sexy, was the first thing Zach thought. He’d been jogging along the beach, trying to decide whether to steer clear of her, or stop by and say hi. And then he’d been ambushed by, what’d felt like, a tank.
Zach opened his eyes and looked up to try to see the woman that belonged to that voice. But his eyes were blinded by the sun, and he was seeing double. His eyesight seemed to be adjusting a little by the time he got a hold of himself.
And then his eyes focused in on her face. Damn—I think I’m in love, was the second thing he thought. He hadn’t had a real good look at her through the windshield of the van—although it’d been long enough to notice that she seemed to be pretty damned hot. And, whoa, he admitted to himself dazedly, hot didn’t even begin to describe how lovely she actually was!
Zach started, turning his attention to the kid who was using Zach’s body like a beanbag chair. He was giggling like crazy.
But he really wasn’t a kid—was he? He looked to be a little bit bigger than Zach had thought when he’d noticed him. This woman was his mom? Must be, he supposed, because she grabbed him by the hand and yanked him off from Zach’s chest. She just didn’t look old enough to have a kid who was probably in his late teens or early twenties!.




“Here’s your tea, Mom,” Maddy said and set a cup on the small table. “Mom, are you awake?”
“Yes, dear. I was just dreaming.”
“You’ve done a lot of nodding off today.”
“Have I?”
“Yes. Do you think you can stay awake long enough to tell me about the roses?”
Mom chuckled so her shoulders jiggled up and down. “Ah, yes. The day after your father proposed. We spent the last of my birthday money on a big bunch of pink roses.”
“Who were they for?”
“Your Gran, of course. Not that they made much difference in my opinion.”
“They must have made her smile.”
Mom shook her head. “They didn’t when we took them to her. She only smiled once that day as I recall and it wasn’t because of the roses.”
“Was it because you were engaged?”
“Oh no, not at all. She smiled because she thought she’d got time to make me change my mind.”
Maddy bent to straighten the blanket over her mother’s knees. “But you didn’t change your mind.”
“No, I didn’t. Your dad and I got married the first weekend after my twentieth birthday, just like we said we would.”
“Do you want to look at the photo album?”
“No, dear, not now. I don’t need the photos I remember it all so well.”





That day, I felt lost—a feeling that’s still palpable after all these years. Kids go home to empty houses every day. Why did I feel rudderless and adrift? Besides, I wasn’t alone. Sara was there, although that didn’t count for much. Nearing the end of 10th grade, Sara was fixated on the prospect that, in the fall, she would be picking out a college and preparing for entrance exams. An empty house must have meant much less to her since she already had one foot out the door.
We had only taken a few sips of the icy soda when I heard the sound of the garage door opening. I wanted to dash into the kitchen but forced myself to wait. When I heard door leading into the kitchen from the garage open and shut again, my heart sank into the silence that followed. That silence even reached through Sara’s self-absorption. Her thumbs stopped flying over the keypad of her cell phone, engaged in a flurry of texting. She didn’t hesitate to follow when I left the bedroom.
Mom and Dad stopped in their tracks when we met them in the great room off the kitchen. Andy wasn’t with them. That explained some of the silence. Andy would have been chattering or asking one of his endless questions. More was written on their faces. My heart thumped. Mom had been crying. Dad, too, I just knew it!





As I listen to my mom explain all of the changes in our lives, it occurs to me I haven’t told her how grateful I am for the person she is today. I want to be the kind of mom she’s always been. I even carry around a picture in my wallet of me when I was little. It’s my mom cuddling with me on her old couch. In that picture, the love in her eyes is palpable. I know it’s naïve, but I’m surprised to hear mom feels diminished as a mother. It’s not how I see her at all.
I’ll admit at first, I remember being frustrated she couldn’t do little things like braid my hair straight or help me paint my fingernails. We used to have a ritual on Friday nights. If I didn’t have a date, we’d have a girl’s night in and do little makeovers on each other. When she lost her vision, it was nearly impossible for her to continue our tradition. After her diagnosis, it was hard for me to understand why things between us had changed.
It was a slow process— let’s face it—I was a bit shallow like every other teenage girl I knew. It took me a while to realize life wasn’t all about me. I don’t think I fully understood the concept until after Wyatt was born. It was then I began to understand the amount of energy it takes to be a Supermom. I’m ashamed when I think about how long it took me to figure things out. So, it’s surreal to hear her describe herself as if she’s somehow lacking. To me, she’s everything I aspire to be.





“I don’t know what’s up with you today, Mum. You’re not yourself.”
“Sorry, just thinking about things love. You know, getting old is not much fun.”
“I know, but you’re doing really well for eighty six — “
“Eighty five actually, there’s no need to age me.” Apart from your eyesight, of course. You’re a spring chicken compared to Steve’s mum, who is much younger than you. She can hardly walk and looks gaunt. At least you have flesh bones and look after yourself.”
I didn’t like to mention my hearing issues and all the aches, pains, creaks and groans from my joints, I’m sure my chest puffed out at the compliment.
“Debbie mentioned you are thinking of buying a scooter.”
“Didn’t take her long to spread the gossip, did it?”
“It’s not gossip, Mum. She was just a bit concerned, but I think it’s a great idea.”
“Do you think I’ll be able to manage one then?”
“Of course you can. You just need to be a bit careful when crossing the roads, but it will be fun. You’ll be able to get out and about more. I bet you could even reach my house. They can cover quite distance, you know.”
“Will you come with me then, to have a look? I don’t know if I can afford one.”
“Grab your coat Mum. We’ll go now; you can make this pie later.”





If love is like music then forgiveness is an art.
In art even if it’s ugly or seems pointless it doesn’t change the fact that someone put thought and time into it. However, like apologies and subsequent forgiveness, it is without exception, how one interprets it, reacts to it and applies it to oneself that truly gives it meaning. It is how art becomes Art, once it connects to a soul.
However, forgiveness, true forgiveness, does not come easily. It is sometimes painstakingly slow or overwhelming in its dramatics but once you begin it, if you don’t see it through, it will hurt. Like a heated brand on your heart, you will forever bear it. In the end if you let it win, you can heal, you can let go and hopefully, move on.





I shook my head as I stared at the flowers and took a card in a red envelope out of the center of the bouquet. My fingers worked nervously as I opened the envelope, realizing that I had become the center of attention from my children as they sat across the hall in the living room. I didn’t have the slightest idea who could have sent these and was scared to find out.
The only person that I could think of the flowers being from was my other sister in Maine, but I doubted that she had remembered my birthday. She was too wrapped up in her own life to bother calling to check on me after my divorce was finalized and the fact that she wasn’t here said something. Finally the envelope was open and the design on the card told me the roses were from a man. My hand shook as I opened it, Chastity intensely watching my expression as I read the card.





Sharon stared after her and considered her options. She could go after her like she always did, or she could give her a minute to cool down before attempting to talk to her. Each time she was faced with this choice, the decision never got any easier. Four years had passed since the adoption had been finalized, and in that time, a world of strife had opened up in her life.
Special needs.
It was a familiar set of syllables, but the meaning had shifted the very foundation of her life since becoming Gracie’s adoptive mother. All children had needs, but her daughter had special needs.





Morning. Ugh. For a moment the only things I think about are my queasy stomach and throbbing head. One glass of wine is my typical limit; two glasses are my rare exception, and the almost-full bottle of the night before hasn’t happened since college.
As I run to the bathroom, the nightmare comes rushing back: Alex and Ben and my life savings.
The nausea and memories keep me busy for at least an hour, heaving and crying.
After I’m able to keep down some kombucha, I drag myself to the computer to suffer through it all again. My Facebook news feed has a wedding picture tagged with Shannon’s name. Alex, Regina, Shannon, and Oscar are all joyfully beaming.
I’m drawn to Sarah’s page again, still amazed that this young woman is Ben’s wife and not his daughter.
And I read articles about my defunct investment company. I should have been watching more closely. I should have diversified. Alex advised me when we divorced, “Buy a house. Invest your money in something you’ll always have. Don’t waste money on rent.”
Now that I’m a pauper and finished with men forever, I do online cancellations of four memberships and appointments: gym, dance studio, monthly massage, and biweekly manicures and pedicures. That will save almost $400 a month. I Google for cheaper apartments; I’ll move when the lease is up in seven months. Until now I’ve been using all my monthly teacher retirement checks just to live on.





Mother’s Day, May 2007
To Charley and Janey,
All of my dreams came true. I was able to fly and have three angels to fly with me! I promised myself for years I would not open this letter, but selfish me, I had to add something.
Today is my birthday and my last flight. The Federal Aviation Administration has a rule that requires I stop doing what I love so much. They’ve taken away one of my most precious possessions.
I was sad for a while, but then I thought not flying meant I could have
more time with you two and my best friend Edward! It took me a long time to realize you were the best part of my two worlds. The three of you sacrificed so much for me. Now it’s time to pay you back.
As far as my first letter, I wouldn’t change a word in it! I have my Charley, and my Janey––everything I need in the world. And for all of u, I wish––forever sunshine!
All my love still,
Mom, and once a pilot


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