We Host – Mother’s Day Magic


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– Pamela Richardson: “There I sat … sad that I had read the last word of this anthology because my journey with the authors had ended. And what a journey it was! As I write this review I’m still thinking about that journey and the collective writings of each author’s words that left me with a renewed sense of warmth for the experience.”
– Al-Khemet Book Club: This is a beautiful collection perfect for mothers everywhere. These stories evoke intense emotions as we’re led to explore a variety of relationships and dilemmas faced by characters. The authors involved deserved to be praised for their great work.” 

– Jersey Girl Book: “Mother’s Day Magic … With Love is a wonderful collection of twelve stories that honors a very special person in everyone’s life, Mom! The thirteen authors weave unique stories that range from lighthearted romances, to poignant memories, first love and second chances, friends to lovers, to dealing with real life issues … but there is one heartwarming theme that runs through each story, a mother’s unconditional love…

– The Book Mistress: I had the pleasure of reading English Rose by Allyson R. Abbott. This is a lovely story about an older woman who finds that she is not only still useful to her kids, but that being widowed doesn’t have to mean being alone! The characters are easy to relate to and although I’m much younger than the our heroine, I found myself laughing at some of her situations and observations because I could totally empathise! If the rest of the stories in this collection are as good, I can honestly say that you will love every minute!





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